I have a confession. I am a little bit obsessed with books. A significant part of my every day includes books. I research them, I collect them, I journal about them, I dream about them, I covet them. And I read.

Sadly, life can get in the way of valuable reading time. There are so many books to read, and a limited time to read them. For that reason, I no longer finish books unless I feel a connection. I will give any book a chance, but if I’m not invested by page 50, I usually put the book down and move on. For me, every DNF (did not finish) is a victory; it gets me closer to my goal of reading all the good books.

Most of my reviews will be shared to GoodreadsInstagram, and Facebook, so feel free to follow me there. All of my reviews will be 100% my own honest opinion. If I recommend a book, it’s because I liked it. I aim to make all of my reviews spoiler-free. If it’s not, I will let you know at the beginning of a post.

What kind of books am I looking for? What makes a book good for me? Although I don’t necessarily limit my reading by genre, I am not a huge fan of typical “genre fiction”. I look for writing styles that are clean and clear, characters that are developed and believable, plots that are authentically suspenseful and emotionally appealing. Sure, I occasionally love a purely plot-driven novel, but only if it’s something completely new to me. I can also overlook wordy or awkward writing if I have a unique personal connection to the story.

Every reader is different. I am often frustrated when someone recommends a book and I end up not loving it. Not every good for me book will be a good for you book. My goal for this blog is to explain what I value and look for in a good book. If you value the same qualities, you may find my recommendations helpful in finding good fit books.

 :) jeatherhane


  1. And I'm obsessed with writing books! How do I submit a book review request?


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