REVIEW: Run by Ann Patchett

 Ann Patchett has been on my TBR for a really long time. Her books get a lot of attention, but this one stayed under the radar. I just loved this story. I found it very readable and engaging. The characters and the setting were so real, even if the plot wasn’t entirely realistic.

Tip and Teddy were adopted as two black babies into an Irish Catholic family in Boston. They have led an idyllic life, but things change overnight when they meet Tennessee and Kenya, a mother and daughter who live in the housing projects a couple of blocks away from the Doyles.

This was one of those books I would call a “comfort read” – I didn’t really want it to end, I just kind of felt at home in it. I love it when I find a new author whose writing style feels so comfortable. I also enjoy reading books set in paces I’ve visited. It almost seems as though I am taking a little trip while I’m stuck at home.

I will be reading more Ann Patchett books for sure. Friends have been recommending her books to me for ages, I just have to decide which one to read next.



Ann Patchett

Published September 25, 2007 by Harper

295 pages


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